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pictureofclassmates   A group of eight classmates from Aviston High School's Class of 1952 gathered at the Old Hot Springs Hotel in Okawville a few weeks ago to reminisce about "the good ole days."
   Yes, it was the 70th anniversary of their graduation. 
   Rich Heimann, originally from Aviston, and a member of the Aviston High School Class of 1952, said they were originally a "Class of 34" and started the evening on Saturday, Sept. 3, by remembering the 19 classmates who were no longer with them.  
   "It became an evening of reminiscing about the many experiences and activities we had 70 years ago," said Heimann, who now lives in San Juan Capistrano, California.
   The classmates recalled the nuns who were their teachers, especially the late Sister Hermias, who never failed to provide memorable antics, and Sister Stephanie, the "stern superior."
   The group remembered the bus rides from Germantown and Albers; the senior play called "Forever Albert" (what a strange choice); the boys-only parties; and of course, the always interesting review of those who were high-school sweethearts.  
   On the later topic, the very interesting and welcoming news was that two of the old sweethearts were together again — Marvin Hegger and Rita Roettering Clark, who were a couple again after both lost their spouses a few years ago.  
   Naturally, the group all wished them well and a lot of happiness. 
   After an opening prayer by Dan Rosen and after commemorating their fallen classmates,  Marv Hegger officiated as the mistress of ceremonies for the gathering. 

   The group had a "delicious meal, all thanked the Lord for their health and later for some, a nice time at the hotel bar."