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Ad Prices
Type Size Per week Per 4 weeks
#1 - Top Horizontal Leaderboard 1300px x 120px $27.00 $85.00
#2 - Bottom Horizontal Leaderboard
1300px x 120px $25.00 $75.00
#3 - Top Horizontal Banner 700px x 80px $15.00 $45.00
#4 - Bottom Horizontal Banner 700px x 80px $12.00 $32.00
#5 - Vertical Sidebar 260px x 380px $18.00 $52.00
#6 - Vertical Sidebar 260px x 760px $20.00 $60.00

(Note: Ads may be placed as a single ad or as a rotating ad. Single ads appear as the only ad in the ad position. Rotating ads appear with multiple ads and the ads change with each page view. Single or rotating ads are made at the discretion of The Breese Journal. Horizontal Leaderboard and Banner ads appear on all website pages. Horizontal Anchor ads appear on the front page and on all pages that contain news articles. Sidebar ads appear on all pages except the "Online Edition" pages.)

Existing customers will be billed. New customers must pay for ad
before it will appear on the website. Once new customers submit
the ad they will be contacted and given options to pay for the ad.

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