ClintonCoBoardNewly elected county clerk Vicky Albers (left) swears in new and re-elected Clinton County Board members during a special board meeting. Front row, left to right, are Bob Netemeyer (District 5), Rafael Him (District 5), Jim Sullivan (District 4) and Deb Wesselmann (District 3); (back row) Nelson Heinzmann (District 1), Bryan Wessel (District 2) Craig Taylor (District 4), Mike Kreke (District 3) and Brad Knolhoff (District 2).    The Clinton County Board met for a special session on Monday, Dec. 3 to swear in new and re-elected members. Bob Netemeyer (District 5), Rafael Him (District 5), Jim Sullivan (District 4), Bryan Wessel (District 2) Craig Taylor (District 4) and Mike Kreke (District 3) returned to the board and Nelson Heinzmann (District 1), Brad Knolhoff (District 2) and Deb Wesselmann (District 3) were sworn in as new members. Board member Larry Johnson was absent and will be sworn in at a later date.
    Conducting the pledge was new county clerk Vicky Albers, who was sworn in the morning of the same day, alongside re-elected treasurer Denise Trame and re-elected county sheriff Doug Maue.
    District 3’s Bob Fix was re-established as chairman after a successful roll-call vote. Jim “Homer” Rakers was voted vice chairman. Wesselmann was the only one opposed to Fix’s election as chairman.
    “I got elected to make sure that there’s minutes to committee meetings. I went to look at the committee meetings and there’s minutes missing,” said Wesselmann. “No offense, Bob, but I’m going to be a ‘no’ vote. Because I would like things to be run the way the way they should be run. I have faith that they will be from here on.”

    Wesselmann’s concerns sparked a conversation about meeting procedure, including what constitutes as evidence to prove a board member attended a particular meeting in order to collect compensation. Fix agreed that meetings should be recorded with minutes posted timely and mentioned the board should later discuss standardizing agenda formats.
    Knolhoff suggested that it’s “good policy” for board members to only be paid if they submit an agenda and minutes for any meetings attended.
    “You get paid per meeting,” said Knolhoff. “If you don’t submit minutes, if you don’t submit an agenda, it’s not a legal meeting.”
    Fix said that committee meetings — comprised of subgroups within the board makeup — usually have a sign-in sheet but agreed the topic should be discussed further. Fix also mentioned the possibility of getting computers for board members and the use of a shared online drive to streamline the process of confirming meeting attendance. He also encouraged board members to take advantage of official county emails after board member Mike Kreke pointed out that personal emails are subject to FOIA requests if used for government business.
    The next county board meeting is Dec. 17 at 7 p.m. at the Clinton County board room, 810 Franklin Street, Carlyle.


Standing Committees
*indicates committee chairman

Animal Control and County Farm: *Craig Taylor, Keith Nordike, Bryan Wessel.

Assessment: *Bryan Wessel, Mike Kreke, Bob Netemeyer.

County Health and 708 Mental Health Board Area on Aging: *Rafael Him, Bob Netemeyer, Deb Wesselmann.

Economic Development, Clinton County Enterprise Zone and Greater Centralia Enterprise Zone: *Keith Nordike, Brad Knolhoff, Deb Wesselmann. 

Education: *Rafael Him, Matt Cain, Bob Netemeyer.

Environmental Concerns, Solid Waste Unincorporated Area: *Nelson Heinzmann, Brad Knolhoff, Deb Wesselmann.

Facilities: *Brad Knolhoff, Keith Nordike, Matt Cain.

Finance, Health, Revolving Loan, General Services and Judiciary: *Jim “Homer” Rakers, Matt Cain, Steve Heiligenstein, Larry Johnson, Mike Kreke, Jim Sullivan, Craig Taylor, Bryan Wessel.

GIS: *Craig Taylor, Steve Heiligenstein, Rafael Him.

Insurance: *Larry Johnson, Steve Heiligenstein, Craig Taylor, Bob Netemeyer, Nelson Heinzmann.

Law Enforcement, ESDA, Welfare, Safety, Liquor: *Jim Sullivan, Steve Heiligenstein, Rafael Him, Bob Netemeyer, Keith Nordike.

Personnel/Labor: *Mike Kreke, Steve Heiligenstein, Jim “Homer” Rakers, Bryan Wessel, Larry Johnson, Nelson Heinzmann.

Road and Bridge: *Bryan Wessel, Jim Sullivan, Jim “Homer” Rakers.

Tourism: *Matt Cain, Keith Nordike, Jim Sullivan.

Zoning: *Craig Taylor, Bryan Wessel, Nelson Heinzmann.


Special Committees
*indicates committee chairman

UCCI: Jim Sullivan, Steve Heiligenstein, Matt Cain, Jim “Homer” Rakers, Rafael Him.

South Central Illinois Growth Alliance: Brad Knolhoff, Deb Wesselmann, Nelson Heinzmann, Jim Sullivan.

Technology Support: *Rafael Him, Brad Knolhoff, Matt Cain, Keith Nordike, Deb Wesselmann.

911: *Mike Kreke, Larry Johnson, Brad Knolhoff, Dennis Haake, Doug Maue, Bryan Ripperda, John Skain, Dan Wobbe.

Veterans: *Bob Netemeyer, Rafael Him, Jim “Homer” Rakers.

Southern Illinois Law Enforcement: Jim Sullivan.

Southwestern Illinois Metropolitan and Regional Planning Commission: Rafael Him.

Southwestern Illinois Development Authority: Jim Sullivan.

Southern Illinois Work Force Investment: Keith Nordike, Jim “Homer” Rakers.

General Assistance: Tony Tebbe, Tom Venhaus, Greg Baysinger, Ralph Kuhl.

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