Letters To The Editor

Miracle breaks it down

    In response to “Think twice before utilizing CBD oils” published in the Nov. 29 issue of the Breese Journal:
    The difference between hemp and CBD oil is vitally important because their use varies drastically. CBD oil, the shortened form of the term cannabidiol, is a natural component of industrial cannabis or hemp. CBD oil is cannabis oil that has a significant component of cannabidiol. It is made from the flowers, leaves, and stalks of hemp, not from the seeds like hemp oil.
    Cannabidiol is one of the most vital components of cannabis and many studies are now showing that it’s an important component to supporting a wide array of medical problems. But because it’s derived from cannabis, it’s often confused with hemp oil. Both come from the same plant, contain components sought after for their healthful properties, and have established themselves as useful products, albeit for vastly different reasons.
    These differences are especially important for consumers who may think that both oils provide the same things. Confusing regulations regarding labeling means that some producers might describe products as medicinal when their effects haven’t been proven, furthering these misconceptions. Knowing the key differences between the two will help users better discern what to look for when shopping and to know whether or  not to add these products to their health regime.
    Hemp oil is great for cooking and full of nutrients. It can provide a crispy and nutty taste to foods and can be a wonderful replacement for olive oil in salads. It’s a great natural moisturizer that can be used after a shower. Hemp oil can be the base for different forms of plastic rather than petroleum. It is used in the production of eco-friendly paints. It can be used as bio-diesel fuel like other vegetable oils. Hemp oil is used for making lotions, soaps and even some foods.
    CBD oil has become very popular in the medical cannabis industry because it can be helpful in the treatment of various conditions without the typical intoxicating effects of cannabis use. It is  used in the treatment of inflammatory disorders, anxiety, depression, seizures and neurodegenerative disorders, as well as in the treatment of epilepsy.
    Hemp and cannabis are cousins, but cannabis has a much higher THC content than hemp. Hemp oil contains low levels of CBD — typically less than 25 parts per million — while CBD oil can be up to 15 percent CBD. Because the plants are related, some unscrupulous sellers of hemp oil are trying to market it for its medicinal value, which is negligible.
    I’ve looked hundreds of customers in the eye and told them that they are safe in using my product, that I’ve done my homework on this company. They trusted me. You can’t test positive if it’s not in there. My product has zero percent THC and everyone can benefit from CBD oil.

    Becky Thole
    Owner, “It’s a Miracle!!”
    14 South Main Street, Trenton

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