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Marissa coal plant closure

To the editor:
The article is totally a piece of political fraud or fa├žade, intended to raise more economic fear to customers and communities in our state.
For the AFL/CIO to get support for the passing of the Clean Energy Jobs Act with their tagalong Climate Union Job Act, this would mean if you work in Illinois you will have to belong to a union.
No more small or independent factories or businesses of any kind.
The AFL/CIO unions are against the Right to Work law. Democracy gives you that right and if you let them take it away there will be no democracy left in our country.
Today, the AFL/CIO owns all construction work by our government and 17 states, including Illinois.
You have to pay the AFL/CIO if you want to do any work for government and [the] 17 states; that's one giant union that takes all, is any of this freedom to work.
This is supposed to be the United States of America, based on  freedom from fear, freedom of liberty, and the pursuit of life.

James E. Saffel Sr.

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