Letters To The Editor

                                             A letter to our community
Jan. 12, 2020

    An excellent opportunity has arisen for more effective U.S. assistance for impoverished children around the globe. The Global Child Thrive Act is a simple, no-cost opportunity that not only helps children, but could reduce the future need for foreign assistance.
    The U.S. invests millions of dollars annually in international development aid to improve life for impoverished children. Funds go to nongovernmental organizations, many of them faith-based. Strict government regulations ensure proper fiscal expenditure.
    Currently the U.S. doesn't integrate early childhood development into these programs. Recent studies show that impoverished children who receive cognitive stimulation from birth to age 3 grow up healthier, with more developed brains. A 20-year study demonstrated that training caregivers to provide mental stimulation like singing, playing with colorful objects, and responsive interaction led to children earning 26 percent more income as adults.
    The Global Child Thrive Act, HR4864, was recently introduced by bipartisan sponsors in the U.S. House. Amazingly, this legislation for the integration of early childhood development training into already existing programs doesn't call for more money. It could produce a 13 percent yearly return on our investment by improving health outcomes, boosting salaries, improving the economy, and reducing a country's deficit.
    There are currently co-sponsors from both parties. Congressman John Shimkus isn't yet a co-sponsor. He's advocated for the right for children around the globe to be born. Supporting early childhood development for children after birth would be a consistent action. Please encourage him to co-sponsor HR4864 to improve life for millions of children.

Myrt Rollins
St. Rose

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