Letters To The Editor

                                            Mater Dei 50-year reunion, class of 1969

Dear Editor,
    On Sept. 14 the graduates of Mater Dei High School class of 1969 assembled in Breese to observe a 50-year class reunion. The event was an overwhelming success and very well attended. I am writing this letter to congratulate and thank the planning committee. The folks responsible for this program devoted a great deal of time to the planning and execution of the reunion, and it was obvious to all.
    The past 50 years have taken me into many different situations and I am constantly reminded of the important role that my education at Mater Dei played in preparing me to meet the challenges. I got the impression on Saturday that my feelings in that regard were shared by many of my friends. Once again, congratulations and thanks!

    Jim Becker
    President of the Mater Dei Class of 1969 

                                                 Gov. Cuomo and cat-declawing

Dear Editor,
    On July 22 New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill imposing a civil penalty of $1,000 on people who perform onychectomies, partial or complete phalangectomies of tendonectomies (declawing) on cats without "a therapeutic purpose."
    This is the same governor who pushed for, signed and celebrated a bill that allows doctors not to attend to the health of a baby after he or she has survived an abortion!
    Cuomo has no stomach for cat-declawing.  He called it "a cruel and painful procedure," an "archaic practice," one that is positively "inhumane."  Yet there is no record of him ever speaking that way about abortions at any stage of pregnancy.  Nor has he ever branded infanticide an "archaic practice"!
    I guess Gov. Pritzker will be next to criminalize cat declawing, so Illinois can lead the nation in "cat paws/cat declawing" like Illinois "leads the nation in 'legal abortions'."

    Agnes G. White

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