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IMG4070   During the Monday night Central Community High School board meeting, a budget hearing was presented and approved by the board.
   According to Superintendent Dr. Dustin Foutch, the preliminary fiscal year 2023 budget was presented last month and has been on public display for the past 30 days.
   "For the fiscal year (FY) 2023 budget, we estimated projected revenues conservatively," he said.  "With that, estimated expenditures were budgeted for FY23 and we also included the potential for unexpected circumstances/contingencies."
foutch1   Foutch added that they are "making increased efforts to limit expenses in every line item of the budget."
   Once approved, they will post the FY23 budget to the school's website (www.centralcougars.org/) and file it with the Regional Office of Education, as required by law.  
   In other news, Foutch reported that the main power panel at Central was installed approximately 50 years ago.  "Since that time, we have added a considerable amount of buildings to our campus, and it is our plan to continue this expansion with the addition of our new field house," he said.
When speaking with FGM’s electrical engineer, Foutch stated they would not be able to add any additional buildings to their current power panel and it would have to be replaced.  "He (the electrical engineer) also stated that it probably needed to be replaced anyway due to its age and that if the power panel were to go out (at any time), it would essentially shut our school down for up to two months," said Foutch. "Bottom line, this is an issue that needs to be fixed."
   Foutch said he planned to apply for a School Maintenance Grant to help cover the cost of the power panel replacement.
   "If we are able to secure this grant, it would cover approximately $50,000 of the project," he said.
   Foutch added that the school has also been having trouble with their football scoreboard for the last three years.  
   "There are multiple parts of the board that malfunction during every home game, and it is far past time for the board to be replaced," he said, adding that he recently met with representatives from NEVCO Sports to discuss options for a scoreboard replacement.
   "Their sales team is going to put together a proposal with 'good, better, and best' options for us to explore at our October board meeting," said Foutch.

   Central board meetings are held the third Monday of every month at 7 p.m in the boardroom at Central.