Wesclin    At the Wesclin Community School Board meeting Monday night, principals from all four schools in the Wesclin district spoke about intended goals for the school district.
    Angi Woll, principal at  Trenton Elementary, and Zack Huels, principal at New Baden Elementary, gave a joint presentation about goals for their schools.
    Huels said that goals for New Baden included wanting to improve the social and emotional health of the students who are struggling to adjust back to in-person learning.
    "We are looking for 100 percent of the identified students to show growth" he said.
    He added that they will track the students in the fall, winter and spring, and see how their growth and progress has changed. 

    In addition, they planned to use targeted interventions, including social workers and teachers, to help them grow throughout the year.
    Wesclin Middle School Principal Roger Freeze said that one of the goals this year is to decrease the number of Ds and Fs by students to at least 50 percent from last year.
    "Last year, we had 116 students with Ds and Fs at the end of the year, and this year, we hope to decrease that by 50 percent, which would be 58 students at year's end," Freeze said.
    Wesclin High School Principal James Rahm stated that he would like to see an increase in the number of students who are on track to graduate, adding that with the COVID-era, he would like to identify students who need help with self-confidence to make connections with other students as a positive mentorship.
    "If you would see the number of the kids coming into the office looking or asking to talk to people ... that is why we need to be in school," Rahm said. "Because some of our kids, for a variety of reasons, are struggling. If we weren't in school, I really hesitate to think what would happen to these kids, and that is why we are looking to connect with some of these kids."
    In other news, Wesclin Superintendent Jennifer Filyaw stated that the school district implemented their optional test-to-stay program last week.
    "If your child is determined to be a school close contact, they can test every other day using the BINAX Now test and remain at school," Filyaw said in an email. "If your child is a school close contact, this option will be discussed with you."
    Filyaw congratulated the high school cross country team, who were Cahokia Conference champions this past weekend, the first time in over 30 years (since 1988).
    The school approved to look into two minivans to be used to transport students to area events and locations.
    It was noted that the school has older suburban vehicles, however, the vehicles are on the decline.
    Wesclin School Board meetings are held the third Monday of the month at 6 p.m. at Wesclin High School.