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tractorgears    The Breese Journal is interested in featuring your farm equipment restoration projects in upcoming issues! Are you fixing up Dad's tractor to put it back to work on the farm? Polishing up your showpiece in anticipation of future parades? Let us know! We've made it easy with the handy questionnaire below.
    We'd also love to see your pictures, especially before and after photos or in-progress shots. Just pictures of your finished project are fine, too! You can copy and paste the questionnaire below, fill it out and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or cut the form out of this week's Breese Journal and mail or drop off your paper interview form at the Breese Journal, 8060 Old Hwy. 50 (P.O. Box 405), Breese, IL 62230. We can return your photos for pickup in the lobby. Thank you!

Download a printable pdf questionnaire form here:

Phone or email: 
1) What brand(s) do you restore? 
2) Do you have a favorite model/series/year of manufacture, and why? 
3) Was your antique equipment handed down through your family? If not, what’s its history? 
4) Was the restoration of your equipment out of enjoyment or by necessity? 
5) What kind of help did you have with the restoration project(s)? Anyone you’d like to thank? 
6) Is your restored equipment still in use for regular farm work? 
7) What was your favorite restoration project?  What was the hardest?
8) How many tractors/farm implements have you restored thus far? 

9) What would your dream project be? 
10) What advice would you give to someone looking to start a restoration project? 

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