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Public Notice of Proposed Tariff Changes Electric Service Schedule Ill. C. C. No. 1  To the Electric Patrons of Ameren Illinois Company d/b/a Ameren Illinois

Ameren Illinois (or the Company) hereby gives notice to the public that on May 27, 2021, it filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission (Commission) proposed changes in its rates and charges for approved Energy Efficiency and Demand-Response Measures (EDR) throughout its territory in Illinois pursuant to its Rider Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Investment (Rider EE) tariff in Docket No. 21-0467. The changes to Rider EE are applicable to Ameren Illinois Rate Zones I, II and III.

A copy of the proposed change in schedule may be inspected at the Ameren Illinois offices at 300 Liberty Street, Peoria, Illinois or online at

Customers should be advised that the Commission may alter or otherwise amend the rates or conditions of service after hearings are held pursuant to 83 Ill. Adm. Code Part 200, and may increase or decrease individual rates in amounts other than those requested by Ameren Illinois.

All parties interested in this matter may obtain information with respect thereto either directly from Ameren Illinois or by addressing the Chief Clerk of the Illinois Commerce Commission, 527 East Capitol Avenue, Springfield, IL 62706.

Ameren Illinois Company
d/b/a Ameren Illinois
By: Richard J. Mark,
President & CEO

Legal Notice

Public notice is hereby given to all persons in Clinton County Illinois that a Public Hearing will be held on Wednesday, July 7, 202,1 commencing at 6:00 p.m. in the Clinton County Boardroom, in the County Jail Building, 810 Franklin St., Carlyle, IL 62231. If you have questions, please call the Zoning Office at 594-6655.

Case #1: Request for a variance (40-3-6) & Special Use (40-9-16) submitted by Wade & Stacy Mickelson, 14520 Baumann Rd., Highland, IL 62249, to reduce the front setback from 75’ to 32’ from the State Route 161 ROW to allow for a new addition.

Also, requesting a special use permit to rent out an existing two bedroom apartment.

Property is zoned Commercial and is currently owned by Macjenna’s LLC, 7304 Twin Levee Rd., Bartelso, IL. 62218. 

Location of property:

The West One-half (1/2) of Lot Number Three (3) in Block Number Two (2) and All Lots Four (4) and Five (5) in Block Number Two (2) in Gausepohl's First (1st) Addition to the Village of Bartelso, Clinton County, Illinois.

Case #5: Request for a variance (40-3-6) and Map Amendment (40-9-30) submitted by William and Sheila Timmerman, 17791 Terrace Dr., St. Rose, IL 62230. Requesting a variance from the minimum lot size in an Industrial district from 10 acres to 7 acres by separating the existing lot. Also, requesting to rezone 3 acres of (I) Industrial to (A-R) Agriculture-Residential to allow for a new home.

Property is currently zoned Industrial and owned by Timmermann Milk Service, Inc., 17701 St. Rose Rd., St. Rose, IL 62230. 

Location of property:

A Part of the Southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter, Section 27, Township 3 North, Range 4 West of the 3rd P.M. in Clinton County, Illinois, and more particularly described as follows:

Commencing at the Northwest Corner of the Southwest Corner of the Northeast Quarter, Section 27, thence South 88° 08' 26" East along the North line of said Quarter Quarter for a distance of 50.04 feet; thence South 1° 45' 30" East for a distance of 34.76 feet; thence South 1° 30' 59" East along the East line of Woodland Lane for a distance of 424.48 feet to the Point of Beginning; thence, continuing with the East line of Woodland Lane, South 1° 30' 59" East for a distance of 282.65 feet to the Northwest Corner of Lot 7 of Lake View First Addition; thence South 88° 20' 40" East with the North line of said Lot 7 for a distance of 308.81 feet; thence continuing with the North line of said Lot 7 South 88° 13' 35" East for a distance of 308.67 feet; thence North 1° 31' 37" West for a distance of 141.33 feet; thence North 88° 13' 35" West for a distance of 308.76 feet; thence North 1° 33' 42" West for a distance of 141.32 feet; thence North 88° 20' 40" West for a distance of 308.59 feet to the Point of Beginning, said parcel containing 3.00 acres more or less.


Notice of Public Hearing

Notice is further hereby given that a public hearing on said amended budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2021, will be held at 6:45 p.m. on the 23rd day of June, 2021, at Albers Elementary School District #63. 

Albers SD #63
Board of Education
206 North Broadway
Albers, IL 62215

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