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    After some discussion, the New Baden Village Board approved the purchase of a new ambulance at their village board meeting Monday night.
    The ambulance, a McCoy Miller Ambulance, Type III, E-450, was approved in the amount of $154,804, which will be lowered by $4,500 to incorporate the State Fleet Contract discount ($150,304).
    It was noted that the new ambulance would replace a 10-year-old ambulance. 
    New Baden EMS has two ambulances on their fleet, one from 2000 and one from 2009.
    Trustee Randy Linthicum, who was against the purchase of the new ambulance, said that he thought that the board should look into a cheaper ambulance. with a re-manufactured body.
    "We could conserve a little bit of money now and maybe look at a second ambulance down the road," said Linthicum. "That 2000 ambulance is not going to last forever. We are trading away our 2009 ambulance and will have a 20-year-old ambulance. I'm not sold."
    New Baden EMS Director Allen Gilbert said that the 2009 has been nothing but bad problems, including the engine.
    The 2009 ambulance has a 6 liter diesel engine. Since 2015, they have put roughly $54,000 in repairs to it, replacing the engine and transmission and other costly repairs.
    The 2000 is a 7.3 liter diesel and has a better track record, according to Gilbert. 
    "What are we going to do in two years from now when the (ambulance from) 2000 blows up?" Linthicum asked.
    "I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there," said Trustee Bob Oster
    "We didn't expect the 2009 (ambulance) to blow up in six years," Zurliene added.
    The board approved the purchase in a 4-2 vote, with trustees Linthicum and Tom Kuhn dissenting.
    The board also approved a power cot for the ambulance in the amount of $18,948. 
    Mayor Christy Picard said that members of the Clinton County Ambulance Special Service Area also are in support of the new ambulance and have donated money toward it; as well as other private donors.
    "We have been talking about purchasing this ambulance for a long time," Picard said.
    In other news, the board approved a motion to review a New Baden zoning hearing officer's decision to deny a variance request.
    At a Zoning hearing on Oct. 24, a variance request from Don Schomaker with SDS Stores Inc. was denied by Zoning Hearing Officer Van-Lear Eckert regarding the height of the fence constructed at 409 East Hanover in New Baden (Kokomo Joe's), based on the International Building Code.

    According to the decision to deny the ordinance, SDS is located in a Community Business District and under the ordinance, no fence, wall or other obstruction shall exceed 8 feet in height in any district except the Industrial District, where the maximum height shall not exceed 10 feet.
    "SDS Stores submitted plans and was issued a building permit for construction of an 8 foot high privacy fence along the west property line at 409 East Hanover. Subsequently, SDS Stores constructed a 4 foot high fence along the west boundary line at the property and is not requesting relief from its submitted and approved plans regarding the height of the fence," the document stated.
    Schomaker said that he is remodeling his store and he agreed to install a fence along the west side of the property but that he did not know how high it was going to be. 
    He paved the grass lot on the west side of the building for additional parking and installed a 4 foot high fence atop a short concrete retaining wall. 
    He stated that the fence has already been installed and is requesting relief from the building plans and approved building permit, which required installation of an 8 foot high privacy fence.
    Schomaker stated at the meeting that he had not reviewed the building plans or the building permit and he was not aware that he had agreed to install an 8 foot high privacy fence on the west side of his property.
    Neighbor Peggy Ogden stated that the building plans and building permit both required construction of an 8 foot high privacy fence along the west property line, which is adjacent to her residence. 
    She would like the village to enforce the approved building design plans and building permit and require that he install an 8 foot fence.
    She stated that headlights from the newly installed parking lot shine through their windows and that the 4 foot fence that was constructed does not provide any privacy.
    Village attorney Doug Gruenke explained that  it is not an 8-foot-fence, but an 8-foot barrier, measured from natural ground.
    "So, you wouldn't put up a 8-foot fence on top of an 4 foot barrier wall," he said.
    The board then had questions about where "natural ground" lies.
    The board then approved a motion to review the Zoning hearing officer's decision.
    In other business, Village administrator Erika Kennett spoke to the board about consideration for the upcoming 2019 property tax levy that will pass this year (and to receive funds next fall).
    Kennett listed four scenarios, giving one recommendation to the board.
    "This scenario represents a village levy increase from $427,511 to $440,892; an increase of 3.0768 percent, she said, adding this it would not require a Truth in Taxation hearing.
    "I feel this proposal strikes a compromise between our taxation and our costs," she said.
    The board approved Clinton County Ambulance Special Service Area (SSA) agreement for SSA #7 (Damiansville) in the amount of $16,758; SSA #8 (Albers) in the amount of $44,135; SSA #9 (New Baden) in the amount of $95,481; and SSA #10 (unincorporated areas of Lookingglass Township) in the amount of $56,856.
    The New Baden Village Board meets the first and third Monday of every month at 7 p.m. at New Baden Village Hall.

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