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    bookThe cover of former Carlyle resident Eileen Bone’s new book."If God gives you a gift, you have got to use it," said artist Eileen Bone, a former Carlyle resident.
    What does Bone say her gift is? Painting, of course. But, she also credits her "gift of gab," among other talents.
    Former Carlyle resident Eileen Bone is excited to show her artwork through her new book, "Carlyle, Illinois: Through the Eyes of an Artist."
    Bone, 78, and a resident of Wright City, Missouri for over 15 years, is promoting her new book which celebrates the rich history of Carlyle through pictures of paintings that she created.
    It was in May when Bone had her first art show at Case-Halstead Public Library in Carlyle and Bone was amazed at the people who attended to see photos of her paintings, artwork and other projects.
    "I remember thinking, 'if 50 people came to my show, I would be amazed,'" she said. She was absolutely floored that the attendance was six times that amount, or 300 people. 
    She said she had over 160 paintings of Carlyle, captured through historical sites, buildings or other destinations, and she had photos of the paintings displayed on foamboard at the show.
    It was then when she was approached about creating a book of all of her artworks from Carlyle.

    From there, she said, she started doing historical research on the paintings that she had created, from the Maddux house, the old Carlyle school, streets in downtown Carlyle and a painting of the old Breese firehouse. In addition, she provided historical research of the people that lived there.
    "I moved to Carlyle in 1971 and I lived in the carriage house behind the Maddux house," she said. "I just fell in love with Carlyle and the beautiful buildings there."
    She said her first painting was the Maddux house but it was torn down before they moved in. When she started painting the Maddux house, she said she would start to get emotional and would have to quit after  painting for 20 minutes.
    "The book is worth the story of the painting the Maddux house," she said.
    She added that a percentage of the proceeds will go to the Clinton County Historical Society and the book is scheduled to come out in late January. The Clinton County Historical Society will hold an open house when the book is published.
    Bone said that she is working on a "surprise project" for the open house, with the date to be determined yet.
    "I have a surprise that is phenomenal ... but I really can't tell," she said excitedly and giggled. "Let's just say I'm going to bring a certain spot in Carlyle back to life."
    Bone said she last painted about two years ago, when she painted a portrait of her grandson playing football. However, her love is capturing the architecture of historical buildings.
    Bone plans to publish another book with pencil line drawings  and plans to draw the rest of the historic homes in Carlyle 
    Her current book, "Carlyle, Illinois: Through the Eyes of an Artist" will be an 11 x 8.5-inch, coffee-table style with a deluxe hard bound cover featuring up to 104 glossy, double-coated pages allowing for superior photo reproduction. 
    The dustjacket on the front of the book features a painting of Carlyle from the 1800s.
    Only a limited number of books will be printed. Therefore it is necessary to take all orders in advance. If ordered before the pre-order deadline (Jan. 15), you may have your copy personalized with a name stamping on the cover for only $7. The pre-order price is only $42.50 for this limited edition. 
    Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, reserve your copy today!
    A percentage of the proceeds will go to the Clinton County Historical Society. To place an order, visit or call 888-263-4702.
    About the artist:
    Artist Eileen Bone started drawing and painting with oils at age 7. Never with­out a pencil or crayon in her hand, small pictures are still on the underside of her grandma's cof­fee table, because at times, drawing paper was scarce. Lucky enough to have a professional artist neighbor, her talents were nurtured through her childhood years. 
    It was at the University of San Francisco when she discovered the "Principles of Perspective in Architecture" and became fascinated with historical architecture. 
    After relocating to Carlyle from St. Louis in 1971 she had an “aha” moment that expanded her love of historical architecture and history in a new way. She began painting the historic places around the town she now considered her own. 
    Although never formally trained as an artist, over the years she has created over a hundred paintings, mostly watercolors and acrylics that are most impressive. 
    Besides painting, she also has created works in papier-mâché and bone, wood and stone carvings. Bone has been exhibiting her work in both private and public shows since the 1970s and her work is in collections all across the U.S.

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