Districts.ec    The Clinton County Board at its Monday meeting approved a redistricting map involving changes of two of the county's five representative districts.
    Mike Kreke, chairman of the redistricting committee, told board members the changes would include Santa Fe Township being added to County District 1.
    Also, Wheatfield Township will be added to County District 2.
    Kreke, who is also the county board vice chairman, said the other three districts remain the same. They are District 3, with Breese and Germantown townships; District 4, with St. Rose and Sugar Creek townships; and District 5, Looking Glass Township.
    Board member Jim Sullivan of Trenton, who represents County District 4, was the lone no vote. 
    Board members also approved a salary schedule, which includes a per diem, a flat fee and an expense allotted for county board members. This will start on Dec. 1, 2022.

    Kreke said the "total amount of money is no more being spent than what we are spending now."
    One of the changes is there will be "no mileage pay for any attendance to county board meetings, or subdivisions of this meeting unless you're approved by the chairman as to where you're going, something other than a full county board meeting."
    The number of committees has also been reduced, down to nine committees.
    The county board did have 15 standing committees and 11 special committees.
    Kreke said all committees that exist were addressed. Some were combined with the finance committee, such as the health department, the facilities, the technology.
    He said the reasoning for that was, "at some point in time, to get something approved, you're going to have to come back and ask for money."
    What the committee chairman and or board chairman can do is designate people to look into that request. 
    Most of the committees were reduced to three members, Kreke said. That included the insurance committee, which was restored to its original five members after the county board voted unanimously in favor of that move.
    County Board member Nelson Heinzmann, who chairs the insurance committee, had a concern with the reduction of members.
    That committee was five members: Heinzmann, Craig Taylor, Bob Netemeyer, Dennis Middendorff and Mike Strieker.
    Heinzmann said he felt there was quite a bit of liability with the health insurance to limit it to a committee of three.
    "The five-person committee, we get a lot of input," he said, which is why he'd like to see insurance left at five members.
    County board member Keith Nordike said he felt nine members was fine, but with 14 county board members he felt the responsibility should be rotated among board members, to get a chance to serve on the finance committee "and voice their opinion, and maybe save the taxpayers money," instead of having the same nine board members all the time.
    Nordike said he's also advocated having all county board members serve on the finance committee.
    Kreke said while nine members make a decision, the 14 county board members still have to vote, "So you do get a vote on the final say" of whatever the agenda item might be, "And whatever the committee decides, what they think is the right direction to go." But Kreke said he did understand Nordike's concern.
    County board member James White expressed concern about a reduction of members on the personnel/labor committee.
    Kreke said that was kept at five people in order to have a quorum if they were to meet during negotiations. "That is one that we did not change," he said.