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    Clinton County Courthouse will reopen its doors Monday, June 1, for in-person attendance and what had previously been deemed “non-essential” matters. 
    The reopening follows guidelines established last week by the Illinois Supreme Court and the Fourth Judicial Circuit requiring certain health and safety protocol such as social-distancing measures, health screenings and face-coverings.
    While most county operations have continued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, public access to the courthouse was restricted and many court-related cases were cancelled starting in late March for the protection of the public as well as the courthouse employees.
    Clinton County Sheriff Doug Maue, following consultation with Resident Circuit Judge Stan Brandmeyer and the various courthouse office and department heads, is instituting the following measures to be implemented with next week’s reopening:
    • Courthouse patrons will be screened with a series of questions related to the COVID-19 symptoms and fever-checked upon entry to the courthouse. Those not in compliance will not be allowed in.
    • Face coverings must be worn by all persons when entering the courthouse and throughout the duration of the stay inside the courthouse. Six-foot social distancing requirements must also be maintained at all times. 
    • Persons present in courtrooms will maintain 6-foot space intervals between one another to comply with social-distancing requirements. 
    Individual seating locations will be clearly marked on the benches with a taped “X.”
    • In the hallways and benches outside the courtrooms and county offices on all three levels of the courthouse, patrons will be spaced out in 6-foot intervals to comply with social-distancing requirements. 
    These will be clearly marked on the benches and floor with a taped “X.”
    • During the daily court calls, subject to judicial oversight, only one litigant will be allowed in the courtroom at a time. 
    The rest of the individuals on the docket will be asked to wait outside the courtroom in the designated 6-foot intervals.
    • Only participants involved in a particular case, or who have pertinent business in one of the offices, will be allowed in the courthouse. 
    Family members or friends should remain outside or in their vehicle. Exceptions are minors, who can be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and marriages (where a total number of four people are allowed, including the bride and groom).
    The public is reminded that a drop box is located outside the main entrance on Fairfax Street, and many services can be handled over the phone or online via the county’s website at

queenHannah Hill    Social distancing guidelines have forced organizers to cancel the 2020 Clinton County Fair.
    The week-long fair was to begin the week of July 12 at the Clinton County Fairgrounds in Carlyle.
    In a press release issued last week, fair organizers indicated that they were unable to continue with preparations due to the COVID-19 crisis.
    "It is with great regret the 2020 Clinton County Fair has been canceled," the press release stated. "We strived to find a way to hold this great family tradition, but the inability to obtain the necessary licenses and inspections by the state due to closed offices and government limitations gave us no other choice."
    Supporters of the 2020 fair book will receive refunds and at this time, other events on the calendar after July remain scheduled.
    "Thank you to everyone who supports the Clinton County Fair," the release stated. "Keep watch (on Facebook: Clinton County Fair IL) for other events scheduled throughout the year."
    This would have been the 69th year for the annual event. The fair attracts as many as 15,000 visitors in most years.
    With the 2020 Clinton County Fair being canceled, organizers for the 2020 Miss Clinton County Fair pageant announced that they will also cancel their annual program.

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