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SRV6HighlandA new public safety building in Highland will house police, fire and EMS. The project could begin as early as Spring 2019 and will cost an estimated $7M.    In 2012, the city of Highland conducted a study regarding the need for a new public safety building. Initial drafts came up extremely over-budget and the project was tabled for years. Now, after passing a sales tax to fund the building and consulting with local firm Loyet Architects, the ball is once again rolling.
    Schematics and architectural renderings were presented at a recent city council meeting by Loyet representatives and Highland’s new Chief of Police Chris Conrad. According to Conrad, the new public safety headquarters will house Highland police, EMS and firefighters, which currently operate out of several different buildings. The approximately 30,000 square-foot construction, to be located on Troxler Avenue near the hospital, will cost an estimated $7 million. The project also includes updates to the fire department building at 1122 Broadway.
    “Our current facilities are aging,” said Conrad. “Neither of the buildings are ADA compliant. We need proper doorway widths, automated doors, public restrooms, public access to the basement. We don’t have an enclosed sally port, which is where you bring prisoners in … We have roof leaks, mold, all the stuff that comes with 35- to 40-year-old buildings.” 
    The new safety headquarters will house the Highland police department and the EMS administrative offices, as well as some full-time EMS workers and some fire department resources, although the Broadway fire station will continue to operate in order to maintain a presence in the south side of town.

    bookThe cover of former Carlyle resident Eileen Bone’s new book."If God gives you a gift, you have got to use it," said artist Eileen Bone, a former Carlyle resident.
    What does Bone say her gift is? Painting, of course. But, she also credits her "gift of gab," among other talents.
    Former Carlyle resident Eileen Bone is excited to show her artwork through her new book, "Carlyle, Illinois: Through the Eyes of an Artist."
    Bone, 78, and a resident of Wright City, Missouri for over 15 years, is promoting her new book which celebrates the rich history of Carlyle through pictures of paintings that she created.
    It was in May when Bone had her first art show at Case-Halstead Public Library in Carlyle and Bone was amazed at the people who attended to see photos of her paintings, artwork and other projects.
    "I remember thinking, 'if 50 people came to my show, I would be amazed,'" she said. She was absolutely floored that the attendance was six times that amount, or 300 people. 
    She said she had over 160 paintings of Carlyle, captured through historical sites, buildings or other destinations, and she had photos of the paintings displayed on foamboard at the show.
    It was then when she was approached about creating a book of all of her artworks from Carlyle.

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